I spent 20 years in corporate America, rapidly advancing from secretary to senior administrator, both in small firms and large companies. During this time I handled every conceivable business task from routine to complex, including many high-level projects. In 2009, although the “virtual world” was in its infancy, being an entrepreneur at heart and recognizing its potential, I launched and operated my first business, A Virtual Assistant 4 You, which I transitioned in January 2013 to Upscale Your Business. I’ve been featured in Savvy Biz Women Magazine (Spotlight Contest Winner), Forbes.com (“Don’t Let Your Business Be Held Hostage” & “How Virtual Assistants Have Evolved”), South Florida Business Journal, South Florida Business Spotlight, and Paycheck to Passion Podcast, and am an active member of the International Virtual Assistants Association. My wide-ranging corporate experience coupled with my innate organizational talents have allowed me to design, implement and manage systems, structures and procedures which help my clientele increase their bottom line.

Apart from my business skills, which have been attested to with client testimonials, my upbeat, positive personality, my ability to connect, communicate, and remain focused, and my talent at understanding any new business and rapidly making a difference distinguish me from most others offering “virtual” services.

My VA Coaching Program and Amazon Book

Since I have become successful in this business, many Virtual Assistants have contacted me for advice, suggestions, and guidance. They see my business as an accomplished model which they’d like to emulate. I was happy to offer my help and insights, but it became very time-consuming to respond to all these requests on an individual basis. I decided a solution would be to bring my business-building guidance to the VA community by writing a book and companion online self-study coaching program. 

I did not want this to interfere with my VA business and the quality service I always provide, so in late 2013, at weekends, I set about writing a step-by-step self-study program that would help new Virtual Assistants start up in this industry and would also provide ideas for struggling Virtual Assistants. I followed this up with a book on the same subject. Both the book and the course were launched in the Fall of 2014.

My VA Coaching website can be viewed at www.UpscaleYourVirtualAssistantBusiness.com. My book is for sale as a hard copy or Kindle version on Amazon at http://bit.ly/UYVABBookReview.

What Drives Me

I genuinely enjoy the work I get to do for my clients. I thrive on efficiency. My clients are successful entrepreneurs who have a lot of faith in me and who look to me to help propel them to their next level of success. It’s a privilege to help them elevate their image, highlight their expertise, and spread their message on countless platforms. Staying current on the latest in social media trends and business technology is an ongoing passion, and with my clients in mind, I seek out valuable tools and specific resources to enhance their business. Although my skill set can be applied to virtually any industry, the majority of my clients are Solo Entrepreneurs, Professional Coaches and Consultants.

Personal Notes

I reside in Boynton Beach, Florida. I’ve been married since 2001 to Steve, an Industrial Designer (http://www.I-DrawDesign.com) and we have a son, Spencer, who is enjoying a successful career in Elementary school! Aside from work, I enjoy participating in Cub Scout activities, spending time with family and friends, cooking, Scrabble and Words with Friends.

My Support Team

While I handle the greater part of client work myself, some routine or repetitive tasks or highly technical assignments may be performed by my support team. These are people well-known to me, whose high standards have been proven, that I call on from time to time as needed. They never let me down.

If you are ready to discuss specific ways I can help your business, click on WORK WITH ME.

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